Born to Run

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Baby, you were born to run…and buy this "boss" t-shirt.

Celebrate this classic 1975 album with a re-print of the "Born to Run" cover art. A portrait of Bruce Springsteen, holding his guitar and leaning against legendary saxophonist, Clarence Clemons, is printed on a white, 100% pre-shrunk cotton men's tee. "BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN" in thin, black letters sits to the right of these master musicians while "BORN TO RUN" in the same font only smaller, sits under that. At the nape of the neck on the shirt, another black and white picture of Bruce and Clarence is printed (this time with less jovial looks on their faces) above "8/25/75" (the day "Born to Run" was released) in the same thin font found on the front of the tee.

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